About Us

Welcome to Eshaan Technologies

Eshaan Technologies have the skills and know-how to provide tailor-made solutions to businesses all over the world, with a combined experience of many years in the global IT industry. Understanding customer needs, documenting customer processes, assessing customer goals, and building a tailored training programme for client-specific procedures are all part of our offerings. We then seamlessly transfer specific processes to worldwide locations, setting quality metrics, tracking performance, and reporting progress, resulting in exceptional customer service and satisfaction that builds loyalty and enhances your brand.

Here is a list of our distinguishing characteristics that set us apart from our competitors:

  • Quick turnaround on projects
  • Significant cost reductions
  • International quality requirements are strictly adhered to
  • Expertise in flawlessly completing specific project needs (short-term as well as long-term)
  • Increased revenue and productivity for the company.
  • Wide-ranging domain knowledge and outsourcing skills in a variety of industries
  • A multilingual, multi-specialty team with good communication skills is present.
  • Strategic delivery locations to utilize the current technology to its fullest capacity

Why Choose Us?

We can meet the qualitative criteria of our worldwide customers at the best possible pricing by selecting low-cost towns throughout the world and mapping their labour potential and business climate. We’ve deliberately placed our distribution centres across the world to provide constant, high-quality service to our clients, with redundancies in place to assure business continuity and the flexibility to handle seasonal workload spikes.

From design graduates to postgraduate engineers to business managers, our staff consists of a diverse group of skilled professionals with considerable domain knowledge. Our customers benefit from our project management success rate of 99 percent. Eshaan teams provide ready-to-use benefits such as risk mitigation, accountability, transparency, and a single point of contact.

  • Self-managing and self-organizing teams

It’s not that there aren’t any leaders here; rather, each member is a “leader” in some way. – He or she is accountable for his or her part in achieving a specific result. It’s similar to how the queen of an ant colony (one of nature’s best teams) focuses on her job of reproduction rather than managing what other ants do. The team has its own life that is distinct from that of its members. Because of its interconnected structure, it enables increased productivity, dependability, and efficiency. This is why some ant colonies with specific functions like food gathering and protection may support up to 300 million individuals without the need for a “boss” watching over their shoulders!

  • Concentrate on taking action.

Make a decision and complete the task. Greater agility and response speed at crucial moments

  • Better communication among team members and a faster flow of information
  • Goal direction

What Do We Offer?

We offer the finest solution for each of our markets and for each of our customers. We do so in the most efficient, effective, and creative manner possible. We adhere to the strictest quality requirements. We think and operate in a holistic, systemic, and networked way. This is why, when it comes to turning ideas into mass production, we are ahead of the competition.

This is how we meet the needs of our stakeholders and establish ourselves as a highly dependable and respected partner who adds the most value.

We are experts in creating value.

Information sharing

Our senior consultants meet and discuss market insights and updates in several industries where technology and its application are optimized moving at a rapid rate, such as knowledge process outsourcing. For their studies, they have access to high-end internet libraries and other resources.


We approach business from the perspective of the client. Rather than selling our services, we take the time to learn about your specific business needs and then go above and beyond to meet them. This could include introducing a new service. We leverage our specialist skills in several business disciplines to develop relationships and provide value.

Every business inquiry is treated as though it were our last. That’s how we’ve progressed so quickly. Most essential, we establish trust by acting with honesty, integrity, openness, and transparency.

Our Work Process


Any of the complex problems can be solved in a variety of ways. To solve a case or problem, we use industry-wide best practices. In the Hare and Tortoise narrative, we believe in becoming Tortoise. To get the best results, take a few strong steps.

The Ideation phase of our methodology is where we debate ideas. Wireframes, based on our experience, are the initial step towards clarifying understanding. We work on the project’s technical architecture after consulting with the client. The creation of an MVP completion plan is another example of a stage in which we discuss the product roadmap. We plan our releases based on this road map. Begin our work so that we can provide the product according to the client’s timelines. We share beta and alpha releases with them to make them feel comfortable giving us feedback right away. We are working on the next step of releasing the app based on continual feedback from the client. We are working on the next step of releasing the app based on continual feedback from the client. We test and develop on a regular basis, keeping clients informed about our progress.

Our Philosophy


We follow the concept that success breeds success. When we engage with startups, small and medium businesses, or individuals who are preparing a product launch, we assist them in every way we can to achieve their objectives. We assist clients in comprehending the process and directing the software development process in the direction they desire. We assist and support them at every turn to expedite the process. Clients may have a deadline for which we must engage additional staff, or they may have a demand for showcasing MVP to investors. When we are required to produce a certain number of features each month, we devise a strategy to ensure that we do not miss the client’s deadlines.